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. >> the swearing-in took place two weeks ago, but this is the first time the city council gets to publicly interview him. this is the first time the citizens of the opportunity to articulate their concerns. this is a ceremonial, quite frankly, at this point in time. the people should have been involved on the front end. >> i spoke to the mayor's office and a spokesman for the mayor said that the mayor spent hours meeting with community leaders throughout the community. in fact she met with 28 different community leaders and organizations. the belair community association, the baltimore jewish council, the archdiocese of baltimore, the baltimore branch of the naacp, just to name a few of these folks she met with about this nomination. reporting live at city hall, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one of the officers accused in the beating of the university of maryland students testified in his own defense today. lowell melser is live where a judge dropped the most serious offense against the two officers. >> defense attorneys were able to convince the judge to drop the most serious charge in this case, f
county sheriff's office. this marks the city's first murder case in the last 5 years. >>> we are going to be seeing cooler weather in the next several days. i'll tell you when. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> a hot and sunny day in mid-october. just as it was 23 years ago today. if you were here in 1989, you will never forget what happened. >> it just started shaking, and next thing i know, i heard boom! >> please leave the stadium in an orderly manner. >> it is now 5:15, tuesday, 17th of october, 1989. >> a san francisco neighborhood in flames. an oakland freeway in ruins. people dead. $6 billion of destruction . the earthquake damaged a portion of the bay bridge, forced the bridge to close for a month. and more than 2 decades later, the work still continues to make that roadway seismically safe. charles clifford has an update. >> reporter: w
towards ocean city right now. when we first got to ocean city, one of the first things that we noticed was the pier, that fishing gear that was down in the area of the inlet. >> we did see video a little earlier. that was amazing. >> let's go to lowell melser now in ocean city. compared to yesterday, you look relatively dry right now. >> i am dry, as a matter of fact. the temperature has really dropped. i think roy was talking about the fishing pier. we had that in one of our stories earlier. most of the front of it got wiped out. the beach erosion that happen here, you can see here a lot of the damage to the fencing that was done and a lot of the sand that was pushed over the dunes. the army corps of engineers was going up and down the coast, assessing all the damage that has been done here. while they did do their job to protect the homes and businesses behind them, they did manage to erode some of the area here. they will spend the next couple of days trying to assess the situation here as far as what was done to the sand dunes. atll have more coming up 6:00. lowell melser, wbal-tv
, but this is the first time the city council is to publicly interview him. this is the first time the citizens have an opportunity to articulate their concerns. this is ceremonial, quite frankly, at this point in time. this should have been on the front end. >> i spoke with the mayor's office. they say the mayor spoke with community leaders before the process took place. she met with eight groups. that includes the bel air association, northwest citizens on patrol, the baltimore jewish council, the baltimore archdiocese, and the baltimore branch of the naacp. these are just a few of the groups that the mayor met with when she was deciding the process of this new commissioner. wbal-tv 11 news. >> other than high thin clouds blocking the sun at times, beautiful day across the mid- atlantic. you can see those clouds moving from the south to the northeast. and not producing any precipitation, although there are showers up and through the great lakes. there are mild temperatures in our area, mostly the 60's across the state from the mountains to the bay and the coast. we are in for a pleasant night toni
says ambassador stevens was eager to connect with libyans 600 miles away in benghazi, one of the first cities to declare itself free from gadhafi's rule, but it was still a dangerous place. >> i do know there was an al qaeda demonstration in benghazi in june. they had a parade down the street. they raised their flag on one of the county buildings there. >> reporter: isn't that sort of a red flag for the security situation, that you have al qaeda supporters rallying in the streets of benghazi in june of 2012? >> yes, that was another indicator to watch, to be aware of, and to try and compensate for as well. >> reporter: wood says ambassador stevens and his staff repeatedly asked for more security, but instead got less. when stevens visited benghazi on september 11, wood's group and three security teams had all been sent home. so your team pulls out of libya and a month later, you get this terrible news. what had happened in benghazi? >> i had heard about it in the evening that there had been an attack on the compound and i heard there was a fatality. >> reporter: your friend. >> yes. i
down here. >> if the sich wawingtuations changes we will be the first to tell you. >> view video on the city docks in annapolis. the water swelled and leaked over the wall and took the town over. stores here in downtown have high water marks and this one won't erase the memory or the mark of isabel. there is some damage in ocean city, but they are cleaning up, not rebuilding. we have more from there tonight. >> reporter: power is still out in large sections but the flood waters have begun to recede and no injuries or deaths. now is the time for a big cheen up. this is where the bar and restaurant at the bay side got hit hard by the hurricane. >> the gazebo is gone and the board walk they were rebuilding is in a parking lot. they did salvage the new angles. they hope to reopen by this weekend. >> let's get at it. >> reporter: crews have been restoring power and a large part of the pier did fall victim and they will inspect the dew system that held back sandy and want to make sure it can hold pack the next one. >> we will go back and see if it needs immediately or it can wait. >> r
fashion week, the first time the city has hosted such an event. it kicked off today with a fashion show that featured collections by 15 designers from africa. the event was organized by a french designer who was born in senegal. she said african designers are often underrepresented in the fashion world and she wanted to bring their talents and their achievements to a global audience. the show heads to montreal next month, and then to brazil in march. >>> when we come right back, a liquor store customer comes to the rescue of a clerk after an out-of-control truck kraeshs right into the store. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. >>> it's still early october, but as you can see, some folks are already hitting the slopes. the ski run is coated with 24 inches of the white stuff. thanks to machines. not mother nature. and while minnesota is a popular ski area, this is one of the earliest openings for that region. kind of weir
. to marvin gross, 45 yards to go to the touchdown. dunbar is the winner over poly. city and edmundston, before the storm, the first quarter, damon barnes, a touchdown, 6-0, edmonton. 60 yards and a touchdown, edmonton. city finally catches a break. try robinson not to dion. . it puts the game to bed. marcellus pack -- going the other way, 46 yards. edmonton over their rival city. central valley high, field goal, good from 67 yards. 4 yards longer than the longest yard in nfl history. not the longest in high school history. it was crucial his team won, 62- 65. a must win for the giants as they trail the cardinals' three- one. the giants have already won three elimination games in the postseason. in st. louis, crawford back of the box. pomelo sandoval made it 3-0. top of the, sandoval, just fair and gone. a solo shot. forces in game 6. please stay with us for another check of the forecast right after this. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i wouldn't want someone denying my rights based upon their religious vi
: for baltimore. 3 3 map fiber map 3 & 3 3 & first on fox... some &pinternal docuuents from city schhols show criiee like havinggloaded weapons on scchol property,... and assaults with knives... are &pgoing un-reported to police. police. jjel dd.smith is &plive in west baltimmre with the urprrsiig amount of iicidents and the reason why the school leaders says the policy actuaaly makes the morning joel d. good morning guys, .. the &pdirector of student ssfety says zero tolerance is not the only way to deal with crimmss in thh schools, soomany crimes... like actually finding a loaded 9 milimeter weapon here at carver hiih school... are going unreported po police. police..nstead there is now an pnternal procedure.... an" in house peferral system" that has pushed at leaat 147 cases of assault and 47 caaes of law enforcemmnn. fewerr reporttd crimes could amountt to fewer uspensions and that caa keep a pottntially violent school off the state's persistaatly dangerous school list.. the head f student safety in the city defends he practice, ssying zero to handle problems.when we showed what
his mark. first, thodges batts will have to get through the confirmation hearings. rosie? >> the city council chamber is packed with not only the city council but others. we get to hear from acting commissioner anthony batts. he has an interesting resume. he is also a lecturer at harford and has a ph.d in public administration. he said crime is more than stats and numbers that crime is about people. he wants to impact people and neighborhoods in this city. here's what he had to say. >> sharing my goal to build on positive community interaction. earning count trust will come with time and with hard work and our actions will speak louder than our words. without trust from the public we cannot and we will not succeed. >> one of the things that he also talked about, he says he wants to change a few things in the city, some of the internal structures. he said there's also a need to basically improve some of the physical aspect, vehicles, radio system. he wants to build a good working relationship with the union and the community and that hearing is continuing. council is about to start ask
ratt... is... suing... mayor... stephanii thee.. city cooncil... áyouá... saw... first on fox...///. pratt.... - and... ciiy councill.. of... thwarting the city... awaaring.... a... pucrative contract... to... "digicon"... withhut... even requesting... aa.. proposal.../// for.... the... prooect. &pproject. he... in... thh battll... over... the city's... new... ppone system...///. very specific... alllgations... against... the maaor,.... claim... ttat... the mayor... changed ... when... it... was clear ... "digicon"".. was... losing out... to ibm.../ on... the... phone contractt..///. nearll... went... tt... y... - or... formal approval..../.3 pratt... has reeeatedly... accused... the mayor's officee.. off.. with... the... - two men accused of arrangiig the murder f an 18-year old outsidetowsonnown center last year learntheir fate.john rydell hassmore on what the judge told the two...as he imposedsentencing... 3 "it wassaahorrible, county's toppprosecutor...desc-3 ribbssthe
in the house of delegates. first, there was smoke on the plains of tampa bay. dodge a power outage that delayed the train ride to the big apple and the birds are in new york city tonight. game 3 is scheduled for tomorrow night at 7:37. the first team to win three games and moves on. turkey animation, keep checking in with the byrd land faithful. team coverage of the post-season magic, we begin tonight with pete gilbert and a look back to a vitoria's day in orioles history. >> outside of yankee stadium, no workouts today. the teams are getting arrested for game 3 on wednesday. where we're standing is just a ball park right here. this is where the old yankee stadium was, and a 12-year-old named jeffrey mayer reached down into the field of play, and took away what was going to be a catch and he got a home run, one of the most infamous plays in major-league baseball playoff history. the 28-year-old will not be in attendance of this series at all. she is living in new hampshire and married to a red sox fans that he has to deal with. >> well put. it reaching postseason play is nothing new with the ex
... hhs beee treeted and released ..from the &phossittl. it's a first on fox investigationnthat exposed crimes committed inside city schools but never epooted to city pplice.tonight, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake expresses concern surrrunding teacher safety.she now wants to sit down with sshoollc-e-o doctor alonzo who overseee the citt school system.as our pnvestigation uncoverrd... more and more criies are being handled in-house rather thaa reporttd to baltimore ciiy &p addto say reearddng the troubllng trend. (mayor) 13:29:15 that oncerns me aad i'm certainly going to follow up with doctor alonzo as well as the school boardour teachers work too hard aad make too many sacrifices to throughheducation and they ity environment. :33 :35 by keeping crime persistantly dangerous list. -3- in tonight'' waste watch... a new report shows baltimore city workers wasted earllyone million dollars in taxpayer stations ttat were not city-app! approvedd!yranda stephens is live downtown with the numbers and the response rom the payor. this s one of 8-government- ownee gas ssations ....where
.com/mobile to download right now. >>> baltimore city police need your help. the first victim a 40-year-old woman was walking to her collar about 2:00 this morning on roland avenue. two men came up with a gun and forced her into the car. the car is described as a silver four-door stratus. the men took her to an atm, made her take out money and let her go. 10 minutes later, police say they struck again. >> this 19-year-old victim was riding his bike on roland avenue. they struck this victim with the car. the victim fell off the bicycle and then made sure he was okay. at that point they forced him into their vehicle. >> he was robbed and eventually dropped off as well. police have increased the number of officers but they are asking anyone who may have seen the car to call 911 rote away. >>> video out of miami beach. hurricane sandy is producing high winds and waves. by tomorrow expect waves up to 15 feet high. >> whatever happens in florida, we want to know will it affect us here. let's find out from meteorologist wyatt everhart with the latest on sandy's path. >>> she is a hurricane, now moving t
. >> reporter: what do you want the community to get out of this? >> first and foremost, make sure people understand the city has taken steps to make sure this never happens again in the city. we are conscious when people call us about concerns when drug dealers or people are doing things to disrupt the community, we are anticipating what action we can take when we have the matters. those are the kinds of things we want the community to understand. >> reporter: i understand you were instrumental in the monument. what is going through your minds as we honor them tonight. what do you want the community to know moving forward? >> reporter: it's a good feeling to know we turned this house that was a modest $12,000 in value after it was burnt, and scorched at the time, and we put a million two to make sure the place remain in tact for the memory of the dawson family. it creates environment for children, to have a safe haven throughout the city. we would like to do more throughout the city. that's the goal. >> reporter: thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. that event is at 6
the storm process in a few minutes. first well say hello to ava marie at ocean city. you saw the sustained winds up to 85 miles an hour so you could easily see gusts close to 60 this morning. >> yes. interesting enough, i was looking at the report and they are getting gusts close to 60 miles an hour. we are on the pool deck of our hotel and the winds are variable because we're getting them affected by the building. they are gusting mostly out of the north but check the waves. they are incredible. you can see that barrier, that fence. that is where we were standing yesterday and now the water is coming in there heading through high tide. we are not able to stand on the coast. it is an incredible situation. the rain has let up a little bit but the winds are going strong. have more rain. now out to annapolis where kim dacey is. how are things going there? >> good morning. here we are seeing steady rain that we have been seeing all morning and the wind is picking up. seeing more gusts. there was a little bit of calm between the gusts but we are seeing more gusts and rain goes horizontal. we wi
from ever... legally owwing a firearm. the city is not looking to add to it's arsenal of speedd cameras. that's what transportatiio officials disclosse today at the first meeeing of a speed camera task forcee the roup is studying how to best manage the system that issues hundreds of phouuands of tickets annually. &p city officials sayytte next phase of improving the cities reddlight nd speed cameras willlfocus on mainttnaning it. hhw are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brrndi proctor has our traffic dge report. repoot. maplibertt40shawanmaa395map with halloween just dayy away no one can appreciate the lovee elephants. like the with the help of tww afriiann elephants the maryyand zoo weekend. toddy dolly and anna took part ann many were able to watch them crush the 2-hhndred-pound pumpkins with their feet,, head, and tuskk but ttis weekend may not be all fun and expecting toohit alliiore. but zoo officials saa they are prepared foo anything. "we haveea lot of ouu staff oo grounds thats preparing for a doing a lot oo things like getting all the gas canisters generators and cars s
on a possible cause. >> a story we first brought you last night. police and the baltimore city continued to piece together the reason behind an attempted robbery and shooting that happened around 8:40 p.m. on thursday near north central avenue and east preston street. taxi driver suffered from a gunshot wound. an attempted robbery that -- occurred in the driver was making a pickup. the victim is listed in critical condition. police have issued an arrest warrant for the mother of one of the two boys to a committed responsibility in the shooting death of monae turnage. veronica alford faces several charges including obstructing a police investigation. police say monae turnage was shot in a home in march. her body was found the next day in an alley under trash bags. dna evidence in the chance -- indicates veronica alford help move the body to cover up the shooting. >> a woman says she was sexually assault on the campus of notre dame. earlier this week, she told police she was leaving the library budget was approached by a stranger. school officials were in patrols all week as a precaution b
hearings. this is the 12th time the baltimore running festival has pounded its way through the city streets. is the first time you will see this. >> one athlete is running in flip-flops. >> could david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland. >> keeping the educational dramatic on the books could help boost the state's economy according to a report just out. the dramatic could -- dream act arrogance to attend college. the report estimates over time the dramatic could have $66 million to state coffers. >> these are estimates based on the assumption that 4500 brenman students to give marriage
, of course, to the first two -- and then the revival of our cities with detroit as case study number one. we are very proud to be in detroit because we see it as a great city that has incredible potential that we would just love to help participate in that dialogue to help move that process forward a little faster. but what we really want to do is change the dialogue about how the world thinks about technology. because we really don't think it is understood or appreciated how rapidly the entire landscape is shifting because of tech. i mean, today apple's literally announcing the next iphone. that's cool, but that's just the most obvious example of things that continue to move at astonishing speed, and there's developments literally everywhere you look. and we don't think leaders generally get that. so i'm going to give you a couple of little, quick housekeeping things that we need to know. for one thing, there is an app, te space detroit, so look that up and download it, it has all the program. it'll be in realtime all day, please use the app, detroit labs made it, it's very good. te detroit
, they have to do the work during the day because nighttime does them absolutely no good for the first responders to go out. the city is best known in recent years as the location of the mtv show "jersey shore" very much now it will as the mayor said -- or the governor said be rebuilt, megyn it will not be the same. like you were talking yesterday you spent a lot of your youth there, so did i as a young adult at seaside heights, i remember that roller coaster very well and for a lot of people those images are stunning at the very least. megyn: it's good to hear the governor say they are going to rebuild, that's what we do, we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and move on. trace, thank you. fox news alert on some new video coming in from the fire that left new york city's breezy point in queens looking like a war zone. not a single structure untouched by the storm's wrath. 111 homes burned to the ground. this time yesterday we thought it was 80 it's been updated. the tight knit beach community home to many police officers and firefighters. it is no stranger to tragedy. the commun
to meet with him to discuss the plan... before endorsing it herself. 3 a... first on fox... pollow up .. to... an investigation.../ how crimes... in... city schools.../ are... tracked... &p andd.. ápossiblyá... we found ... alarmed ...a... citt council addiiss.. he's... concerned. in... the... pass nine months..../ more than city schools...//. crimes... that... were not reported... to... baltimore an... in-house referrals &pp..wass.. written up....// an... internal form ...that can keepp...crime numbers loo... aa... well key indicator... used to iiennify... persistantly... dangerous schools... in 23:12:57 i think we ssoull &preport crimee of violence assaults weapons to the baltimore city police also so we ave a better handle on what is going on in some oo our schools. :10 :100 the director ...of... safety for baltimore city schools ...says... / crime... s not... beiig... coverrd up... by the use... of... in-house referrals..../// the f-d-a is now investigating an enerry drink company after the death of a maryland teenage. teenager.mmnster neegy is ye
this city. >> it is great to come out and enjoy. is great. >> everyone, whether you are first or last, is a winner. tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> all the sunshine we had today -- a beautiful day. a little chilly, but beautiful. we are on the south edge of warmer air coming in, but you cannot see it right there. the warm front is generating showers up in pennsylvania and back in the great lakes as well. this is tracking to the east, so it is not headed in our direction. we are just picking up a few clouds on the edge of the. 58 was the high. v low at the airport officially was 39 degrees. some of you did make it down to freezing or below that. on tv hill, we got to 34 or below that this morning. we were about 10 degrees below the average for the season. right now the blue shades indicate most of the ratings have dropped down to 50 degrees or a little colder than that. not as cold as light night -- as last night though. look at this. we have this cold air in new england. 50's and 60's out to the west. 52 in charleston. there i
's first áofficiilá day on the jjb. job.anthony batts appeared at city hall for his confirmation hearing lass week council gave theii final apprrval.batts has been on the job since lass montt. he assthe mayor's choice to replace fred bealefeld who retired in august after 30 years at the baltimore police department.batts is the former chief of police for oakland, california. phe deaah of a maryllnd teen hasssparkkd an investigatton into the 'monster' energy drink company. working... this tory... 3 for... several dayy.../// &to.. the... f-d-a... is now involved.paul-- we told you about this lawsuit yesterday.a 4- ear- old drinking two cans of monster energy.turns out she had a heart ccndition.now, the f-d-a the energy drrnk is now inkedd- to at least five other deaths. i spokeewitt the mothhr of anais fournier-- thee14- ear- old victim-- y phone yesterday.shee assed us off to hhr lawyyr. she, and he girlls ather... filed wrongful deatt lawwuut in california court last wwek. doesn'ttproperly warn rgy consumers.there is, in fact, a disclaimer on the cans.drug n
... investigation.../ investigation.../ at issue, is baatimoreeschools are going unreported to city police. police. crime and justice reporterrjoy lepola is live at school headquarttrsswith these latest developmentssin a storyy we brroght you first on fox. &p following ourrrrpprts and now concerns expressed by teachers.... the mayoo has vowed to sit down withhschool oversees the baltimore city public school system. as our investiiatiin has -&un crimes are being handlld in-house rather thhn reported to baatimore cityypolice. in the past nine months.... schooo police wrote twiceeas many in-house referrals than a weapon was recoverd. ore than 150 assaults also went here's what the mayor and former police commissioner hadd toosay regarding the roublingg trend and threat to ssfety. ((wipe-sot)) (mayor) 11:29:23 our teaahers work too hard and make oo any sacrificee to ensure fuuure of our communiiy dessrve to work in a safe envvronment. :35butt bite (norris) 12:21:26 if you have peads to a dannerous ou're - atmosphere first off it tells the kids who are perprating the crimessthaa weee nott ser
and almost hits hoke. play the game. yankees orioles, series tied at two, season series tied at 11, first 1-12 wins, wins. they say they can't imagine what the city is going to be like when they return from detroit. one week ago tonight i was standing in texas doing live shots from down there in a game that the texas rangers didn't want to be playing in. they came up flat. here we go again, yankees, do they want to be here tonight? no, they should have closed it out tonight. the stadium is half empty now. we will see how it goes. it gave the opportunity for orioles fans to come up here. people after the game last night, some people went in stub hub right then and bought tickets. others were like this morning, should we do it. it's a be.5 hour drive. people bought the tickets and drove up here. they are here to support the orioles, we heard a loud o during the national anthem. here is what some of the fans had to say going in. >> i immediately weapon on stub hub and bought the tickets within ten minutes. i knew i was going to be here. >> we were going to come up yesterday but lost the night
league divisional series. the first pitch is more than 12 hours away. we have time but the city is getting pumped and getting fans ready. charley crowson is live down at city hall. with the latest on how they plan to roll out the orange carpet a little later today. >> reporter: do you say 12 hours? >> yes, i did. longer than that? >> reporter: yeah who's counting, though. 12 hours but who's counting. the city getting ready for the game 3 in new york. you will see a lot of the city turning orange. we have the leg mason building on orange and sports legends by camden yards orange. and lit up nice and orange. streetlights outside city hall is is orange. all get ragedy for the continual divisional series between baltimore and new york on the road in the big apple. but this morning at 10:30, there will be a city wide pep rally outside city hall. mayor stephanie rawlings blake sent the message out around 4 calling orioles fans to come out and bring the same spirit and voice they took with them to game 2 monday night when they hit decibel readings of 120 decibels like a rock concert in
the west coast. >> utah, salt lake city, first snow of the season. we'll show you pictures in the next half hour. >> thank you. >>> coming up, meet the real-life home alone girl, the brave 10-year-old who foiled a home invasion with a dramatic 911 call. >>> and can you imagine ross and rachel not ending up together? the creator behind "friends" reveals how one of the most beloved couples almost didn't make it. >>> and these parents getting payback when their daughter misbehaves. why it's stirring so much debate right now. >>> and one of the biggest weddings of the year. justin and jessica, brand-new photos. a lot of details, coming up. [ male announcer ] we're all on a journey to financial independence. ♪ whether you're just beginning the journey... ♪ ...starting a family... ♪ ...or entering a new chapter of your life. while the journey is yours, pacific life can help you protect and grow the assets you'll need along the way. to learn how, visit pacificlife.com. pacific life. the power to help you succeed. just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. o
is a frost and freeze advisory in effect tomorrow for the first time this season. spots away from the city and away from the water, we may draw near 30-32 degrees. sunny and cool conditions expected for tomorrow. it forecast for the rest of the weekend and the running-fast coming up. >> in other news tonight, baltimore city police say what started as a shooting investigation is now a homicide investigation. detectives say he was carrying groceries and walking into my home on north charles street when someone came up from behind and shot him multiple times just before 5:30 yesterday evening. we're still unclear if the incident was ran the more targeted. life in prison without parole is the sentence for the two men accused of killing a teenager last holiday season. they were found guilty last month of plotting to kill them and they are allegedly members of the black guerrilla family gang and it's believed the two orchestrated a hit and the accused triggerman has yet to go to trial. >> the investigation continues into a deadly fire rep bring -- ripping through a home. >> could the tragedy hav
hours since the damaged crane first started dangling 90 stories in new york city. these are live pictures you are looking at. we have obtained this video showing yesterday's collapse at the construction site of the luxury 157 skyscraper as it's called. she has got more of what's going to on. what do we know about the safety record of this crane that seems to be hanging there? >> it is hanging precariously. directly behind me and it's about a thousand feet off the ground. you can imagine how terrified people on the ground were. having said that, cnn has learned that this very construction site has experienced some problems in the past. the city issued at least two stop work orders in the past couple of months. one for leaking hydraulic fluid and another for defective wire rope and an improper runway platform. they were eventually fully rescinded but it took about a week in each case for that to happen. they did confirm that the documents are correct. >> what did you think when you heard the loud boom? >> i thought it was a gunshot or a bomb. i immediately went to the window. when
are saying why are those costs going up? we tried to get answers from city hall, new at 6:00. but first -- they are the girls at girls hope in baltimore. and their great work has earned them a ticket to the next ravens on game. so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. >> you may have heard of the boys hope, girls cope organization. is a local program helping young people -- it is a local program helping young people succeed. sarah caldwell has our spotlight. >> a program in baltimore city. the girls seven up for hours, beds made, uniforms on. all under the watchful eye of the house manager who wears many hats. >> basically i am a mentor and role model for the
the gam. 3 3 3 first on fox, disbelief and anger tonnght.. for a pother who learned a city police officer won't face crrminal charges for his her daughter's shootinn. &pshootinn. edith turnage i the mother of 13-year-old city state's attorney'ssoffice won't be filing criminal &pchaages against officer john ward... who'' connected to monae's murder case. in a prosecutorr say simply.. day, - there's insufficient evidence 3o file charres agaiist ward. - &pto feel aaout my daughter.. - that's insane, it's very off, everybody walk free. whatt ind of stuff is that!?" the easterr district, was pnder nvestigation followinn monae's shooting.. the officer was suspendee whee of ward's personal car. tonight, a police inttrnal pwrd's actions continues. a... 16... year old... high school sttdent... is dead,...// and... er... ffmily... wants your hell... po... fight ack... tonnght. tonightt ah--jee... harrod... was ound dead... in... the middle... of a street... sunday night...//.toniggt 11 thousaad ppge dedicated to finding the teen's killer. in...
and between somewhere and maryland and new york city. here's the setup that the colder air beginning to make its push as it goes into the first half. sandy will begin to edge up into the carolinas. the cold air marching in. that will help connect with sandy. here are the two potential tracks, mike masco putting this graphic together. you can see the winds gusting. if we get that track into maryland, into delaware, that's the more concerning track for us here locally. perhaps, though, we'll get that more northern track which will bring it toward long island new york. there could still be coastal flooding. we'll have a winds wrapping around out of the west. that's going to pile up chesapeake bay. overall we'll have an impact no matter what. major storm potential, long duration event. we will see the crawl. we'll have wind and rain each of those days much the flood potential will be there. how much depends on the exact final track of the storm. we'll have a better handle friday into saturday. here we go 58 degrees, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, no big deal, cool and misty, mostly cloudy at 68. the n
live here are new york city firefighters and first responders. people who have done so much to help so many over so much time, where helpless to save their own homes as they burned down on monday night. there's still pockets of smoldering fire in all of this wreckage behind me. just a few moments ago, a fire engine was just pulled up over here, wading again through floodwaters, trying to put out some of those fires. if you look over my shoulder here, george and amy, straight there is the ocean. that's the atlantic ocean. usually there would be rows and rows, blocks and blocks of homes. this morning, a straight shot to the ocean. people vowed to come back here. but looking at the destruction, it's hard to believe that's going to happen anytime soon. >> a landscape has been changed completely. >>> one of the most heart-stopping events of the storm, the emergency evacuation of a major downtown hospital in manhattan, including newborns from a critical care unit. david muir has more on the heroes who got everyone out safe and sound. so many stories from that night. >> reporter: they really
reported in syria's main cities, aleppo and damascus. let's go to neighboring lebanon. mohammed, first of all, you look at these pictures. i mean, we see the demolition is taking place. displacement. it really does remind you of what happened 30 years ago when you had syrian president bashar al assad's father brutally suppressing a revolt in that very same city. >> reporter: well, that's right, suzanne. that's what we've heard from residents in hama that are being affected by this. the massacre that happened here 30 years ago is still very much fresh in the minds of residents in hama, and they are concerned that what's happening now might be a precursor it a repeat of that. now, in 1982 you had syrian security forces at the orders of al assad, his father, putting done a revolt there. there were never any official numbers, but estimates ranging from between 3,000 to maybe 40,000 people, casualties, of that revolt that was put down by the government. now, you have this campaign. activists are saying it is system mattic displacement that the syrian regime is going in there. tanks have sti
from the first debate taking place at the university of denver. it is the same city that hosted the 2008 democratic convention. same state that president obama went on to win four years ago. it's going to be the first time that these two are going to share the same stage, and they're going to tackle domestic policy. that's going to happen for 90 minutes. of course, the stakes very high. especially for romney now. he is trailing in key states that could decide this election. cnn's candy crowley is saying that they're great expectations, even while both sides are trying to lower them. >> reporter: apparently romney supporter and republican governor chris christie didn't get the memo. >> wednesday night is the restart of this campaign, and i think you're going to see those numbers start to move right back in the other direction. >> reporter: note to governor christie. no, no, no, no. sop for predebate chatter is to lower expectations for your guy by raising expectations for the other die guy. like this. >> president obama is a very -- he is a very gifted speaker. the man has been o
felt along the first instance in ocean city, maryland. we'll be back there shortly. keeping a close eye on hurricane sandy. >> all important. it can be done without ohio but, let's face it, everyone always points out and reminds the world, hey, you can't win a presidential election without ohio and then they go through all the different hoops and jumps and black flips to show how it can be done but serves to illustrate ohio, it is unbelievably important. bill: brian thomas, 55 krc, local radio here in cincinnati. what he talks about is the significance of this state and we're really trying to balance two stories throughout the day today and tuesday and wednesday of this week. as we do that with sandy on one corner and this election eight days away on the other, larry sabato is with me now from the university of virginia. sir, good morning to you. first question about sandy. virginia, north carolina, what is your guess on the effects of that storm on the outcome in those states, if at all? >> well well, let's see how well or poorly, the federal government and other governmental agencies
: ffreflies fireflies that is owl city's "fireffiee". its their first numbbr one single and it's from theii albummocean eyee (((ess)) the bands will be at the verizon center on pril 3rd. tickets go on sale tomorrrw at 10am through live nation. pe want tt ggt you into the phh 10th caller right now at 410-481-4545 wins a ppir oof passes. coming up in oor 7 o''lock a new trend at mmssage parlors... has americans pbenefittá... it's suuposed to bring. watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 8)) hurricane sandy... continues to churn her way up the eastt coast... leaving aapath of death and destruction in her - area... how strong she'll be... and what you need to do 3 pndd.. emergency management officials joii us ive in &pstudio to tell us exactty wha storm hits.r ome before the or 3& friday, octtber 26. - queen anne's county sshools will e opening 99 minutts late. 3 33 3 p, 3 3 "frankenstorm" is heading our . pay.hurricann sandy i on ee waa north after baareling into haiti.so far... at leasst 1 carribean as a resulttof the st. storm.you an see he storm pas alrea
a complicated forecast. i'll go through it step by step in a few minutes but first we will send it live to ava marie in ocean city. the storm is 500 miles from you but the tropical storm-force winds extend out 400 and 500 files from the center. >> we are getting winds up to 35 miles per hour right now and we are expecting those to increase throughout the day and increase tomorrow as sandy gets close to the eastern shore. we are expecting it to stay off the coast of ocean city and maybe make landfall in new jersey but the concern is that the wind field is so large, even in ocean city, we will get strong winds and they will move to baltimore. eight to 14-foot waves expected throughout the day today but the surge has receded a little bit. we hit high tide closer to 7:00 a.m. and now the weavds are back a little more. you can see what's left of the sea foam, that's how far the waves were out earlier on, now they're closer to the sea. they will increase this evening at the inlet closer to 8:00 p.m. and again tomorrow morning with the storm surge could be up to four feet. we'll continue to bring you
barnd.../. disbelief... foo... a... mother.../ whh... learned... a... city... police officer... won't ... face... criminallcharges... for... his... ásuspectedá role.../ in... covering up... her daughter's... shootin. shooting. keith daniell, live at city hall with more oo a story you saw first on fox... keith keith jenniier...... today.. that officer john ward is still on administrative leave.. even though now.. he charges.... the mayor has said she's disggsted by this case... and tonight.. so is a motherr mother. edith turnage is a mmther fillld wiih anger and disbelief over a devastatiin decision.....made by baltimore city prosecutors in the mmrder 13-year-old monae turnage.(ms. turnage/monae's mothee) "and how do thhe expect for me to feel about my daughter.. insane... took her life ery freely. and everybody get off, everybbdy walk free. what kind oo stuff is that!?" turnage has leerneddthe ccty state's attorney'ssoffice will ot be filing criminal charges againss officer john ward. pposecctors ade the decisi
's 150 people. we had our first report of a fatality, traffic related in montgomery county, the first fatality of this storm. we'll be seeing probably the highest waves coming up over ocean city that will happen about 8:30 tonight. there's a lot of tricky dynamics at play and all of them threatening the lives of our state. >> eight to 10 will make landfall and 8:25 the high tide. >> there's a full moon and all the other things as well. the storm is moving faster. so hopefully she will get heck out of maryland sooner than we anticipated. the earlier reports indicate she might sit on top of us and beat on us for an extbded p-p--- extended period of time. this will be a long night with a lot of snaps and breaking of big trees. people need to take precautions and stay indoors. >> a lot of big bridges, thoroughfares being closed. is the tydings bridge closed. >>> the tydings bridge -- i don't believe the tydings bridge has been closed. that's our last link to the shore. the hatem has been closed much the route 90 bridge over the bay at ocean city. that has been closed. and what else. the k
miles downtown. that is ahead of the next cold front. a live look out at ocean city. the sun is setting in about 15 minutes. currently 72 at the airport and 75 downtown. 75 downtown. yeah. yeah. >> fearliss felix is the first person to travel faster than thsound. he traveled 24 miles, a record- breaking feat marking the world's first supersonic skydive. he took off in a pressurized capsule carried by helium balloon. he was expected to hit a speed of 690 miles per hour before activating his parachute about 5,000 feet above the ground. >> your insta-weather plus forecast with eva marie. >> i watched it live on the internet. as he started to fall, he spiraled out of control but regained stability. you can watch it on our website, wbaltv.com. it was incredible. let's look at the weather. we're seeing increasing clouds after beautiful sunshine today. we had the sunshine yesterday as well. things are changing as a new storm system approaches. light rain showers are moving through west virginia. they're mainly west of the appalachians now. we are expecting most of them to fall apart tonight. t
of washington d.c., for example, when it first came and from the city council decided to say they were going to pass a law because he was going to disrupt sort of the traditional model in terms of how taxis are regulated across the city. he suddenly saw this kind of clash between the old world and the new world in terms of disruption. at the end, they resorted a campaign an uprising by the people of the district of columbia and now it operates air. a lot of the people, the actors at the city level also has unhealthy relationships try to preserve the status quo. i think it's impossible import me when picking leaders, we elect leaders able to embrace to elegy to embrace the future rather than try to protect the status quo in the name of jobs than in the name of a lot of other areas around procurement. >> when i was last in academic, i think i should say one of the strongest defenders of the status quo is academia. since we are here at wayne state, in an academic institution, i think it would be useful to pick up on the point to look at our graduate degrees structures intersect but to me of the
up to 6 of sanduskyys victimm wiil speak at today's heaaing.he faces up toolife in prison. 3 first on fox... a judge's decision could take police oof the street in some of the city's most dangerous neighhorhoods.all of it... over paperwork. paperwork.megan illiland is liveefrom city police headquarters with more on the controversial change in policy. good mornnng uys,many officers don't want to talk possible retribbtion by some ju. judges.it's aal over the use of electronic signaturesson charging documents.fox 45's investigative team obtained this letter that bans the practice. it was written by distrrct court chief judge ben clyburn last month... stating that an ink-on-paper signature is requiied.but ssme officers pn the city say a written signature amounts to more time police officers have time to their own reports of prroable cause and the answer i would say is yes in the past... charging documents would be written and approachhstrongly supportee by phe baltimore city state's attorrey's office. no word on what prompted this change.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a be
to tomorrow's start of the american league championship cities -- series. that next series starts tomorrow night on the road in detroit against the tigers. the yankees have their first hit of the ball game now as texeira gets on base in the bottom of the fifth. on sunday, the ravens welcome america's team to town. do not look for a gracious welcome for the dallas cowboys. the ravens prepare for the only franchise worth more than the yankees. flacco has been outstanding in his first three home games freezing his toughest challenge yet. the cowboys on sunday will bring the top passing defense to the stadium. after an extra few days of rest, the cowboys are coming off of day bye this week. ravens know they have to play better this week than they did last week on the road. >> most teams are up and down in the nfl because everyone is so good. every week presents a new challenge. the margin of success and failure is just that much. it is a play here and they play there. that's just kind of the way it is for everyone. that's what makes the nfl so good. >> lot of people may not have noticed that i
...but officer jaaes harriion was convicted of 2-nd degree assault in the beating. 3 &p first on fox...controversy crimm. connerrs that assaults and weapons confiscated from students are beinn hanlded internnlly, instead of being referrrd to city police. fox repoot and fooud dozenssof l internally. it's a practice d school poliie union officials say is on the rise...and tonight ttey are raising qqestions about why 1:42240"" uess onn would this, hat's a quussion that needs to e answered, who stands to ain." gain."sccool fficiils say the eeough to rrfer to city police the... parents ...of a... 14-year- old... hagerstown girl... p who died ...in december.../ are... suing ...an... ennrgy drink company.../ .arguing... tte caffeine... in tte drink... ...to her death..../ they... say... their daaghter... / aaais... four--ner... suffered... a heart &pattack... after.. drinking two ... 24-ounne... monster beverage drinks... in... a day...///. an... autopsy died.... because... of... caffeine toxicity. one erssn has died an
on the damage in that town..... jeff abell reports from ooean city with new information on the cleanup.... p, voting hasnow resumed. resumee.there wereelongglines at mannlocations...including here at thepublic ssfety &pbaltimore.early votinggturnou sttttwideis aready ahead of phe first reeeasin-1 ra""chedfo sugeryi wodn'te able to voteewithouu early vottng, so it's very important this year." yeer."early voting will tonight...ann then resume thrusday and fridayy.. from 8- am.'til-pm. 3vr lley was ong ghi ck the polls.but thh governor is upset with a political whch would expandgambling. ....- he says the ad claiming that &pmarylandtransferred 350- at rndisdoarsoutffth increased education funning through the state by 45% since 2006 and we will be increasing ddcation funding by anoer $171 million next year." &pyear."adosquon national gaming...which owns hollywood casinoat chalrestown. wiih the election less than a support of president obama - are now poppinn up on t-v and on the internet. &pinternet. 3utl adhany pan hhlt?? political analyst aabut the questionable messages.melinda? earlie
's city down to the eastern shore. first, let's get a check on how the roads and bridges are doing at this hour. >> good morning to you. good morning, everybody. getting worse by the minute, as we are continuing to see a build up and pooling on area roads. if you have to be out, take that extra slow. montevideo road, we have some downed pole and wires. here are the intersections that we want for a minute or shut down in the city in advance of flooding expected. on the street and pulaski highway, aliceanna at and caroline street, and if you are heading to b.w.i. airport, after 10:35 this morning, all flights are canceled. just be advised of that. very few slides as we get close to the 10:00 hour. very few cars out there northbound and southbound. beltway and york road, aside from the fact that the roads are wet as the rain and the wind continues to build around area, we expect to see more problems. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> most people are heeding advice and staying off the roads. >> kim dacey is live in annapolis. >> we are starting to feel the winds picking up. i'
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